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Katy Perry’s ex dead in murder mystery

By omar akoo | 1 Comments | Saturday, September 29, 2012 | , ,


Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis was found dead outside the home of a murdered 70-year-old.

Sons of Anarchy star and former boyfriend of Katy Perry, Johnny Lewis has been found dead on a driveway according to police sources.

The actor is also thought to have murdered his 70-year-old landlady before his death.

According to reports, neighbours heard a woman screaming on Wednesday morning and spotted an unidentified man attacking two other people before climbing onto the roof of the house where the elderly woman’s body was later discovered. He is then thought to have fallen to his death from the property’s roof.

Lewis dated pop star Perry for a year between 2005 and 2006 before she was famous, he also starred in a number of high profile shows including The OC and Criminal Minds as well as opposite Kristen Stewart in new movie Runaways.

No other details are currently known about the incident other than Lewis was the only suspect for the woman’s murder.

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