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Champion Hannah Montana. Smoke hookah and deals herbs hallucinations....

By omar akoo | 1 Comments | Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | ,


Miley Cyrus. heroine Hannah Montana. Floundering in her actions recently
Spread on the Internet section of the video footage taken at home for singer Miley Cyrus series champion Hannah Montana smoking a hookah (shisha) is a clear abuse of the herb "Alquesp" that causes hallucinations, ending the year saw the cracks of many in its idealism in the world of Disney.

It was said that the footage obtained by the celebrity site "T. M. Z dot com -" picked up a few days after reaching the eighteenth year of Cyrus in November.
The footage presented the Disney Channel star in "Hannah Montana - Hannah Montana" with a laugh after a big glass hookah smoking. He said, "T. M. Z," said sources close to the Cyrus told celebrity news site that one of Cyrus's friends picked up the clips, but the article were not smoke marijuana in a manner typical Balnerjeelat.

Representatives did not respond to requests for Cyrus to comment on these pictures.
And made Cyrus, which is one of the best celebrity in the world of adolescents, intensive efforts this year to distance itself from the character "Hannah Montana", which began in the Disney Channel diagnosed 4 years ago and won millions of admirers of the young people.
After recording the final season of "Hannah Montana" Cyrus has played the role of a teenage rebel and stubborn in the romantic film "The Last Song - The Last Song".
In the recent period seemed to champion "Hannah Montana" teen life as a deposit to the adult world, has recently published her magazine "Vanity Fair" photo showed a naked back of the sheet completely only cover a small part of it.
It also broadcast a recent video clip carries a clear sexual overtones, which provoked many of the audience, especially as many of the teenagers around the world, they make an example.
He also published site "TMZ" last month, a picture of her dancing in front of Adam Shankman Bouklaap troubleshooting the song "The Last Song - The Last Song" when she was 16 years of age.
He attributed the close of the young Hollywood star floundering behavior in the recent period to the separation of her parents on 26 October last.
And began Cyrus march with music and singing at an early age; it participated in the singing with her father in a number of concerts, drew her talent consider the Disney Channel; is nominated in the end of the championship series "Hannah Montana" who started the channel introduced by the beginning of 2006, and continues to successfully

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1 comments for "Champion Hannah Montana. Smoke hookah and deals herbs hallucinations...."

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December 23, 2013 at 11:37 PM

Quite interesting and different post.. Keep posting..Stay blessed!!
Ez pen

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