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Amr Diab Biography,Songs,videos,,albums

By omar akoo | 6 Comments | Sunday, January 9, 2011 | , , , ,


Amr Diab Biography ..

(Amr Diab Biography Update to 2012)

Amr Diab (Amr Abd-Albaset Abd-Alaziz Diab), a new born star for his phenomenal singing talent had his first glow to life on the 11th of  Octobar1961 in Port Said, Egypt. His father was the chairman of Marine Construction & Shipbuilding. He played a great role to igniting
the early sparks of musical inspiration towards Diab's early stages in his professional music career. Amr at the age of six sang at the July 23rd Festival in Port Said, he was surprisingly rewarded with a guitar from the governor for his excellence.
Amr Diab had earned his bachelor degree in Arabic Music and graduated at the Cairo Academy of Arts in 1986.
Professionally, Amr Diab entered the musical arena and introduced his first album "Ya Taree'" (1983), integrated with the audience and gained lots of attention and success. Amr followed on producing several great albums: "Ghanny Men Albak" (1984), "Hala Hala" (1986), "Khalseen" 
(1987), "Mayyal" (1988), "Shawa'na" (1989) and "Matkhafesh" (1990).Amr was chosen to perform and represent Egypt at the 5th Tournament of African Sports in 1990 where he sang in English, French and predominantly Arabic. Decisively and during the same year the star decided to invade the cinema with a role in the film "El Afareet" with Madiha Kamel. Then came his other hit albums "Habibi" (1991), "Ayyamna" (1992) and "Ya Omrena" (1993). In 1992 and 1994, Amr played two more roles in the cinema in "Ice Cream Fe Glim" and "Dehk Wele'b Wegad 
Wehob"--which additionally was chosen as the opening film in the Egyptian Film Festival. Amr Diab's musical career stemmed and kept growing, aiming for musical excellence. He followed on and released the album "Weylomony" (1994). Amr Diab officially established himself as the super star of theArab world, demarcating the launch of "Rag'een" (1995) and the popular "Nour El Ein" album (1996) which was not only a success in the Middle East but in the whole world, and
"Awedony" (1998).
Amr Diab thereafter made a break through with one of his best smashing hits "Amarain" album (1999), Diab engaged with two singers during this album and produced amazing duets, one with the 
Algerian­French based Cheb Khaled song "Alby" and the second with the Greek Angela Dimitriou song "Bahebbak Aktar".The years 2000, 2001 & 2003 witnessed the compilation of all Amr Diab's past experience put together and release of Amr Diab's most magnificent albums ever "Tamally Ma'ak" , "Aktar Wahed" and "Allem Alby", as he engraved his quality of voice singing incorporated with astonishing sense of composer and musical arrangements. Amr always favored innovation of new music, form and style. He merged the Arabian oriental theme of music and the western style of musical beats, arrangements and finalization.Respectively, Amr Diab has achieved the World Music Awards twice, as best selling middle eastern singer in both his albums "Nour El Ain" in 1998 and "Aktar Wahed" in 2002. Also received a Platinum Award for the sales of "Nour El Ain". Visit the awards section in this site to know more about Amr's awards.
2004's summer witnessed the release of "Leily Nehary" album, Diab gave his fans what they've been longing for, a dazzling hit which blew their minds off and topped their sensations. "Leily Nehary" according to the production company "Rotana" and the fans is to be one of the most successful albums out in the market. "Kammel Kalamak" was released by 
December 2005 after a long anticipation from Amr's fans, according to the big sales records, the album was worth the wait! The album contains 10 tracks representing a year and half of continuous studio efforts. Amr won his 3rd World Music Awards on "Ellila de" album which has been 
released in July (2007).El-Helm Biography [12 Parts] have been released on the TV Channles 
by the end 2008. The Biography reviewed Amr's success through his long career in addition to the international recognition and fame that uniquely Amr gained through his success.
After much anticpating, 2009 witnessed a new milestone in Amr's career, with the release of "Wayah". 12 track hits the summer to put Amr- as usual - on top of the race. Marina concert was the proven success from his fans with over 80,000 persons.Amr Diab's domestic life is just as rewarding as his musical career, married to Zena Ashoor, his children are Nour (girl), the twin 
Abdu-Allah (boy) & Kenzy (girl), and Jana (girl). The father Amr Diab is a great family man, who dedicates and cherishes his time to his family.Amr Diab's hard work and passion to creating quality music and new stylized musical techniques was his ultimate aim throughout the years. He has certainly and clearly delivered to all his multi-national fans around the globe and proved that he is one of the best Middle Eastern singers with extraordinary talent, determination, charisma and charming appearance.The great artist Amr Diab is continuing his musical excellence byReleasing his hit single " Aslaha Betefre'"; It includes one song with three different arrangements. In addition to this, he performed his annual concert in Golf Porto Marina where More than 100,000 attended. In october 2010, Amr Diab won two African music awards , Best Male Act of Africa and Best North African Artist, during the African Music Award Festival in London. Amr Diab performed in October 16th in Las Vegas, and it was attended by more than 10,000 audience.

Influences and contributions

Diab revolutionized Egyptian show business in several respects, and some of his biographers have referred to him as rebellious, because he challenged everything in Middle Eastern show business, from hairstyle and appearance to music style, presentation, and the financial scale of his projects.
Diab’s blending of Western rhythms with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music styles created a new music style, referred to as Mediterranean music. His song “Tamalli Ma’ak”/“Always With You,” whereinhe introduced classical guitar, is a good example of the genre.

The world's perspective

Diab is one of the most popular and acclaimed Arab pop singers of the modern age. In 1997 he won three awards at the Annual Arabic Festival: one for Best Video, for Best Song, and for Best Artist of the Year. The following year Diab received a Triple Platinum Award for the sales of Nour El Ain and also received a World Music Award in Monaco. 


Nour El Ain


In 1996 Nour El Ain (Light of The Eye – Sight) was released, becoming a tremendous success not only in the Middle East but throughout the entire world. The song was composed by Nasser el-Mizdawi, lyrics were written by Ahmed Sheta and it was arranged by Hameed Elshaery. The title track, and its English version "Habibi", was an international phenomenon, becoming a massive crossover hit in countries such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka (performed by Sangeeth Wickremasinghe) and Malaysia (Malay version sung by Datuk Sharifah Aini). The song was copied and remade with Malayalam lyrics, a south Indian language, in the Malayalam movie Chandralekha staring the South Indian actor Mohanlal. In a style reminiscent of the Aldo(musician) 
Franco-Arabic style, the song was remixed by several top European arrangers and has become abig pull on the dance floors of Europe. The video clip, also producedby Alam El Phan for the song "Nour El Ain", was one of the most lavish and expensive productions in the field of Egyptian song, and set a new standard for his contemporaries to aspire to. this album sold 3 million copies. In 1997, Amr Diab won three Awards at the Annual Arabic Festival(for Best Video, Best Song and Artist of the Year). In the following year, he received a Triple Platinum Award for the sales of Nour El Ain,and received a World Music Award in Monaco on 6 May 1998, under the patronage of H.S.H. Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and attended by Gloria Estefan, Céline Dion, Mariah Carey, The Backstreet Boys, Steven Seagal and others. This award was the first of its kind for an Egyptian 
artist, emphasizing that his appeal is not just confined to the Middle East unlike the majority of his contemporaries.

Music Award

Music Video

Track List

01. Nour El Ain

02. Mosh Had'eaf

03. Nafs El Makan

04. Laila Men Omri

05. Ayzeen Yghayyarook

06. Men Awwal Merra

07. Ew'idni

08. Yoomenhom




His follow-up studio album entitled Awedooni(they made me used to...) was released in July 1998, and as with Nour El Ain (the light of the eye) it was produced with Hamid El Shaery and recorded in Cairo,Egypt. The first video from the album, the title track "Awedooni"(they made me used to...), was shot by the river Nile in Egypt and directed byTareq Al Aryan. Like its predecessor, this album was a huge success forAmr and reinforced his popularity in the Arab world and abroad.

Music Video

Track List


02.Khalast Feek Kol Al-Kalam

03.Al-Malak El-Barea

04.Enta Yali Bahebak

05.Nary (Ya Habeba)

06.Laialy El-Omr


08.Melk Edeak




Diab released his July 1999 new studio album Amarain, (two moons) which is hailed as the best work of his career to date. Amr is working on eagerly anticipated duets with the France-based international Rai superstar, Khaled of "Didi" fame, and with the Greek singer, Angela Dimitrou,whose crossover smash "Marguerites" was a huge hit across the Middle East in 1998. The title track "Amarain" was the first video to be broadcast.

Music Video 

Track List



03.Alby (with Cheb Khaled)

04.Bahibak Aktar (with Angela Dimitriou)


06.Welsa Betheboh

07.Khallik Fakrny



4-Tamally Ma'ak


In 2000, Diab revolutionized Arab music when he issued Tamally Ma'ak(I'm Always With You). The song was composed by Sherif Tag, a modern Egyptian Composer. He introduced the Spanish guitar in his song "Tamally Ma'ak" and in other songs. The clip of this song was made in the Czech Republic with much success. The album contained songs like "El Allem Alla" (OnlyGod Knows), "Ba'terf" (I Confess), "Sa'ban Alaea"(It Makes Me FeelSorry) and "We Heya Amla Eih" (And How Was She?). The song "TamallyMa'ak" was even copied in the hit Bollywood song "Kaho Na Kaho" from the film Murder and also " i am calling u "

Music Video

Track List

01.Al Alem Alla

02.Tamally Maak

03.Keda Eny Einak

04.We Heya Amla Aeh Delwat


06.Aamal Aeh

07.Low Can Yerdeak


09.Kalby Ekhtarak

10.Saaban Alaya


5-Aktar Wahed


Aktar Wahed was released on August 1, 2001. The album's name is short for one of the songs, "Aktar Wahed Beyhebbak" (One loves you the most). It contains 10 tracks and received the World Music AwardMiddle East for 2001. for the best selling album in the

Musice Award for (wala ala baloh) in This album

Music Video

Track List

01.Wala Ala Baloh

02.Aktar Wahed

03.Kan Tayeb

04.Baed Ellayaly

05.Olt Eah

06.Wala Lelah

07.Adeni Regetelek

08.Sadakny Khalas


10.Ya Habiby La

11.Wala Ala Baloh [Oriental Mix]


6-Allem Albi


In February 2003, Diab released Allem Alby(Teach My Heart). The album's release date was arranged to be with the debut broadcast of Alam El Phan's (Allem Alby's production company,        
owned by Mohsen Gaber) music channel "Mazzika".The album was a great success, with the release of the video "Ana Ayesh" (I'm Alive) which was directed by Stuart Gosling. The video was 
intensely broadcast on Mazzika . The album contains other songs, like the R&B-influenced hit, "Allem Albi". Others that tend to be more oriental like "Kolohom" (All of Them), "Law Ash'any"(If You Adore Me) and "Alli El Wadaa'" (Goodbye To Me).

Music video for (Ana Ayesh(I'm Alive)  from this album

Track List

01.Allem Alby

02.Ana Ayesh

03.Ally El Wadaa

04.Ya Kinzy

05.Te'dar Tetkallem

06.Law Asha'ny

07.Khalleeny Ganbak [Instrumental]

08.Allemny Hawak

09.Habiby Ya Omry

10.Enta Ma Oltesh Leh



13.Khalleeny Ganbak

14.Allem Alby [Remix] "Bonus Track"


7-Leily Nahary


In late summer 2004, Diab's first album with Rotana was released, titled Leily Nahary (My Nights, 
My Days). The album's cover was from the promotional photo shoot of Pepsi.The video "Leily Nahari" directed by Cameron Casey provided aid to giveDiab his space in the record-exclusive music channels. It was criticized because of its similarity to his previously unreleased video 
for "El Alem Allah" from the album Tamally Ma'ak. This album sold over 1,5 million copies.

Music Video

Track List

01.Lealy Nahary


03.Tinsa Wahda

04.Khad Alby Ma'ah

05.Ye Douk El Bab

06.Dayman Fi Baly

07.Khaleena Neshofak

08.Qusad Einy

09.Ella Heya

10.Rihet El Habayib


8- Kammel Kalamak


Diab's album Kammel Kalamak, released on December 14, 2005, was the follow up to LeilyNahary.The album cost a reported $4 million to record, and was Rotana's biggest album of 2005. The love ballad "We Malo" was released as the single of the album, Kammel Kalamak. The music video was shot in London and was released on a late notice after the release of the album. Rumors surfaced in late 2005 and early 2006 stated that Amr is considering terminating his contract with Rotana due to the poor promotion of his latest album, Kammel Kalamak.

Music video for (we maloh) from this album

Track List

01.Kammel Kalamak

02.We Maloh

03.We Hikaytek Aih

04.Aiam We Ben3eshha

05.Allah La Yehremny Minnak

06.Oddam Eyounak

07.Ma3ak Begad

08.Aywa Ana 3aref

09.Betkhaby Leh



9-El Leila De (Tonight)


The album El Leila De was originally set to be released after Ramadan 2006. However, it was pushed back several times due to Diab's repeated changes in the musical producers he was dealing with. Diab attributes the changes to the producer's lack of new and strong styles. In early 2006, Music Arranger Fahd was supposed to work on this album; however, later that year Tarek Madkour joined Amr Diab, and they started together to work on it. On March 25, 2007, Madkour's official website announced that Amr Diab and Madkour had decided jointly to skip thecollaboration on the album due to the lack of time and conflicting working schedules. Fahd and a new producer 
called Hasan Al Shafei are elected to produce the music in the album, which is supposed to hit the markets in July 2007. The title of the album was changed from Khaleek Ma'ayaEl Leila De. After the release Amr, shot a new Pepsi advertisement in Europe. On June21, 2007, two of the biggest sites ( & for Amr Diab announced that the album, now entitled El Lilady,would hit the market on July 7, 2007. The album would contain 10 tracks; AL Shafei and Fahd shared the production Al Shaei 7 songs & Fahd 3 Songs. Before releasing his album, Diab traveled to Portugal to shoot the new Pepsi ad choosing "Inta El Ghaly" song from his upcoming 
album El Leila De as the ad music. Amr then traveled to the USA to film the music video for his upcoming album. toThe album master copy was given to Rotana, Amr Diab's CD production company, on the last week of June to meet the July 7, 2007 release date he had planned earlier. Rotana, however, has delayed the release of the new CD for a couple of days for unknown reasons. The album has also beenleaked. The album was officially released on July 11, 2007. The album has already become a huge hit in Egypt and all over the Middle East. Thealbum sold over 1,000,000 copies in only 5 days of release. The video clip has been slated for a July 27 release. The song that Diab chose to film was "N'eoul Eih", which is in the new style of House Music mixed with oriental Arabic music. The video clip was filmed in Santa Monica and Malibu, and also near Hollywood.
On July 27, Rotana News announced that El Leila De had sold over 5 million copies in less than two weeks in the Middle East, which gives the album a good chance to surpass Kammel Kalamak's 
3 million copies only. On October 30, 2007, the management of the World Music Awards announced that Amr Diab was to receive an award for best selling artist in the Middle East for this album. Amr Diab received the award in the festival that was held in Monaco, Monte-Carlo, on the 
November 4, 2007.k

Amr Diab-World Music Award -2007

Ne'oul Aih Music Video

Track List

01.Ne'oul Aih


03.Tool Ma'an Shaifak


05.Inta El-Ghaly

06.Rohy Mertahalak

07.Aletly Oul

08.We Fehemt Einak


10.Khalik Ma'aya


10-Wayah (2009)


the world music award of for the best selling album in the Middle East 2009 Wayah was released for sale on the internet on June 27; however, the album was leaked online and was downloaded illegally amid complaints of slow download speed on the official site. Diab's fans initiated a massive 
boycott of the sites with the illegal copies and by July 3, 2009 Wayah had sold more than 1.5 million copies in the first week.Later on Amr Diab's administration announced that the album has become 
the highest selling album in Diab's career. This album sold 3 million copies.
On October 18, 2009 Amr Diab won four 2009 African Music Awards in the following categories: best artist, best album, best vocalist and best song for "Wayah"and Amr Diab has been nominated by the Big Apple Music Award 

AMR DIAB African Music Awards 2009

Amr Diab Wayah Music Video

Ba'adem Albi Music Video From This Album

Track List


02.Ba'adem Alby

03.Illa Habibi

04.Allah Ala Hobak

05.Yehemak Fe Eh

06.Helwa El Ayam



09.Wehyati Khaliki

10.Einy Wana Shayfo

11.Ah Min El Foraa

12.Ba'et Leh


11-Aslaha Betefre' (2010)


Amr Diab has released a mini album for the first time in his career history, produced by Rotana, in July 2010. The mini album contains 1 song with 3 arrangements (Original song + Club Mix + Karaoke). Amr Diab was the second most popular and the second best selling artist in the Middle East after Cheb Khaled.

Aslha betefre

12-Banadeek Ta'ala 2011


In May 2011, it was announced that Amr Diab's new album (at the time titled Heya Hayati) was slated for an Eid Al Fitr release. Due to the unstable political situation in Egypt, the album was pushed back and delayed until further notice. In late August 2011, Amr Diab's official website announced the new album's final title, "Banadeek Ta'ala" and Rotana slated the album for a September 28 release. The album contains 12 songs that include: Banadeek Ta'ala, Heya Hayaty, Aloomak Leh, Aref Habibi, Maly Enaya, Yaret Sennek, and Tagreba o Addet. The album is arranged by Adel Hakki and is produced by Rotana.

Amr Diab - Banadeek Ta'ala Music Video

Track List

1-Banadeek Ta'ala
2-Halla Halla
3-Ma'drrsh Ana
4-Allumak Leh
5-Ma'ak Bartaah
6-Yareet Senk
7-Mally Einaya
8-Heya Hayaty
9-Youm Mat'belna
10-Aghla Min Omry
11-Aref Habiby
12-Tagroba Wa Addet


Music videos

Diab is one of the first singers to popularize music videos in the Arabs World and the first Egyptian singer to appear in music videos.With the exception of his very early albums, all of his albums have had at least one song shot as music videos. Diab has collaborated with a variety of music video directors in the Middle East, including Tarek El-Erian and Sherif Sabri.The most anticipated video clip of 2007, "N'eoul Eih", was released on August 14, 2007. Released on Rotana TV for the first time, the video was a great success. It was released minutes later on an Egyptian program named "El Beit Betak", on Egypt TV.August 6, 2009 witnessed the release of Amr Diab's latest video clip for his smashing hit Wayah.Working alongside Cameron Casey [Leily Nahari] for a second time, Amr Diab presented a fresh video clip. The video clip was filmed mostly on Green Screen and in Amr Diab's personal villa in Cairo, Egypt. The biggest surprise was the appearance of Amr Diab's children alongside his niece, whom represented the younger generation of children who are still inspired bythe music of Amr Diab.Diab also filmed "Ba2dem Alby" which is set to be released on Valentine's Day.


  El Helm/The Dream

The Dream or El Helm is a TV production produced by Amr Afefy that gives viewers the story of Amr Diab's life. The show consists of 12 episodes and began airing on December 24, 2008. El Helm
is narrated by actor Ezzat Abou Ouf and includes interviews with Diab and people he worked with throughout the span of his career. The show, which aired on Rotana TV, saw great success and was preceded by one of the biggest advertising campaigns in the history of Middle Eastern music.

Film career

Diab's fame in the music industry has led him to experiment with other forms of media, such as film. Amr played himself in his first film, El Afareet, which was released in 1989. The film also starred Madiha Kamel. His second film Ice Cream in Gleam (Ays Krim fi Glym), the 1992 movie in which Diab starred, was chosen as one of the best five Egyptian musical films by the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.The film was also featured in the UCLA Film and Television Archive's
new program "Music on the Nile: Fifty Years of Egyptian Musical Films" at James Bridges Theater, UCLA, April 6, 8 and 10. David Chute of the Los Angeles Weekly termed the film "observant" and "a big leap His third movie was released in 1993, and was named Deahk We La'ab (Laughter and Fun). The film premiered in the Egyptian Film Festival in 1993. Amr played alongside international Egyptian movie star Omar Sharif (Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago) and Yosra in the movie. Overall, Diab did not experience the same level of success in film that he had with his music career. Since 1993, Diab has focused on his singing career.

Egyptian uprising

A few days after former President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, Amr Diab composed and sang a memorial song, "Masr A'let", and released it in conjunction with a music video showing pictures of the martyrs who died in the uprising. He also initiated a charity campaign "Masry Begad" ("Real Egyptian"), a social national program aimed at serving and rebuilding Egyptian society. His online radio station Diab FM often presents talks and discussions about what Diab FM team can offer to the community as well as applying it practically by being present in different sites across Egypt with a new humanitarian project each week


Amr Diab has taken part in an internationally known Pepsi commercial featuring four other pop musicians: Beyoncé Knowles, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears. In the US version, Enrique Iglesias takes the role of Caesar. But in the pan Arab version, the four American singers were retained but the male figure was replaced with Diab. This was not the first Pepsi commercial Diab has done; he also filmed commercials featuring his songs "Ana Aktar wahed" (I'm the most),
"Allem Alby" (teach my heart) and "Khad Alby Ma'aa" (She took my heart with her). Diab also appeared in a commercial alongside Jennifer Lopez, singing The Troggs hit "Wild Thing". In 2009 Pepsi decided not to renew his contract.

Local record labels

Diab's earliest albums were released by Delta Sound. In 1996 Diab moved to Alam Al Phan were he released his greatest hits. In between 2003 and 2004, and after a long successful career with Alam El Phan, Diab officially announced the termination of his contract with Mohsen Gaber (owner of Alam El Phan) and move to Rotana Records.

International record labels

Over 18 international companies have produced studio albums, compilations and exclusive music for Amr Diab across the globe.
Ariola - Germany
Hot Records - Germany
EMI Music - Greece
EMI Music - Arabia
EMI Music - Turkey
EMI Music - Canada [Hemisphere]
EMI Music - Europe
EMI Music - International
World Music Network - USA
George V Records - France
Putumayo World Music - USA
Wagram Music - France
Virgin - International
Nascent - UK
Milano 2000 - Italy
Reverb Music - UK
Toast Records - Italy
Warner Bros. - France

Collaboration with international musicians

Various international musicians have collaborated with Amr Diab:
Stuart Crichton (The founder of Progressive House)
Frank Von Dem Bottlenberg - Germany
Jorg Evers - Germany
Shazz (Didier Delesalle) - France
Klubbheads (Koen Groeneveld and Addy van der Zwan) - Dutch
Phunk Phorce (Leon and Matthew Roberts) - UK
Rhythm Masters (Robert Bruce Chetcuti and Steve McGuinness) - UK
Pete Beachill - UK
Simon Gardner - UK
Andy Greenwood - UK
Kevan Gallagher - UK
Jon Bishop - UK
Juan Cerro - Spain
Angela Dimitriou - Greece

Amr Diab in academic studies

Hofstra University
Leeds University
Buckingham Browne & Nichols
Osmangazi University
Alberta University
Pennsylvania State University
Oxford University
Duke University
Southern Methodist University

Amr Diab in movies

Amr Diab's songs have appeared in several films, including:
"Wala Ala Baloh" in Divine Intervention (2002)
"Awedouni" in The Dancer Upstairs (2002)
"El Alem Alah" and "Nour El Ain" in O Clone (2001)
"Nafs El Makan" in Double Whammy (2001)
"Tamally Ma'ak" and "Nour El Ain" in the French movie, Coco (2009)
"Nour El Ain" in Malcolm in the Middle TV series (Season 4, Episode 4, Episode name: Stupid Girl), released on 9 January 2000 (USA)

Further reading

Mediterranean Mosaic by Goffredo Plastino
Egypt by Virginia Maxwell, Mary Fitzpatrick, Siona Jenkins, Anthony Sattin
World Music by Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham, Richard Trillo, Orla Duane, Vanessa Dowell
Teens in Egypt by Barbara A. Somervill
Syria & Lebanon by Terry Carter, Lara Dunston, Andrew Humphreys, Damien Simonis
World Music by Richard Nidel
The Mediterranean in Music by David Cooper, Kevin Dawe
The Middle East by Library Information and Research Service
Let's Go Egypt by Let's Go, Inc., Joey Shabot, Dave Newman, Elizabeth Ogburn, Charlotte Houghteling


Banadeek Ta'ala ( I'm calling you come ) 2011
Aslaha Btefre' (Because She makes a difference) - (2010) Single
Wayah (With Her) - (2009)
El Leila De (This Night) (2007)
Kammel Kalamak (Keep Talking) (2005)
Greatest Hits (1996-2003) (2005)
Leily Nahary (Cd-Single) (2004)
Leily Nahary (My Night, My Day) (2004)
Greatest Hits (1986-1995) (2004)
Allem Alby (Teach My Heart) (2003)
Aktar Wahed (The Most One) (2001)
Tamally Maak (Always With You) (2000)
Amarein (Two Moons) (1999)
The Best Of Amr Diab (1999)
Awedoony (They Got Me Used To) (1998)
Nour El-Ain (Light Of The Eye - Habibi) (1996)
Ragaeen (We'll Be Back) (1995)
Zekrayat (Memories) (1994)
W Ylomoony (And They Blame Me) (1994)
Ya Omrena (Our Life) (1993)
Ice Cream Fi Gleam (Ice Cream In Gleam) (1992)
Ayamna (Our Days) (1992)
Habiby (Baby) (1991)
Matkhafeesh (Don't Worry) (1990)
Shawaana (Missing You) (1989)
Mayyal (In Love) (1988)
Ya Helwa (Hey Pretty) (1988)
Khalseen (We're Even) (1987)
Hala Hala (Welcome, Welcome) (1986)
We Mneen Ageeb Nas (To Whom I Complain?) (1985)
Ghanny Men Albak (Sing From Your Heart) (1984)
Ya Tareea (O Road) (1983)

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