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Bobbi Kristina Gets Reality TV Show Deal

By omar akoo | 0 Comments | Wednesday, April 11, 2012 | ,


Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has just made a verbal deal for a reality TV show. Uhmm, did she not see “Being Bobby Brown?” The Brown-Houston family and reality shows do not go well together.

Bobbi is going against her families wishes and going ahead with the show, a source tells

“This show is being done against her family’s advice,” says a source, also adding that it will likely end up showcasing Bobbi looking like a “train wreck.”

With Bobbi reportedly battling her own issues with drugs and alcohol, “Bobbi is scared the world will label her just like her mother,” says the source, “[She is] obviously very wild and misguided.”

Here’s an idea…don’t do a reality show. Just because you live in LA, that doesn’t mean you need, let alone should, have a reality show! However, those “Shahs of Sunset,” let them keep filming, that sh-t is gold!

Apparently, Bobbi was in talks to have a reality show before her mother passed away but now the conversations were brought back up because they know a Bobbi Kristina reality show would bring in lots of curious viewers. Is Bobbi acting in a Tyler Perry sitcom? Is she engaged to her pseudo brother? Is she doing drugs? It’s obvious her life is fascinating.

However, one source at the network interested in the reality show said Bobbi was a total mess at the meeting, slurring her words, and sounding incoherent.

“I will show the world I am NOT my mother and will NOT walk in her shoes,” Bobbi would say. Then she would change her opinion seconds later and say, “My mother was just normal, completely normal, someone who did normal things. She just listened to all the wrong people – and did the wrong things.”

Most of Bobbi’s family is opposed to the show, but some of them think, “Something good might as well come out of all this bad stuff.” 

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