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R Kelly owes $4.8 million in taxes

By omar akoo | 0 Comments | Friday, June 15, 2012 |


Star says he will settle debt with US government.

It always amazes me to hear the amount of unpaid taxes artists and celebs owe the US tax man. Do they honestly think they will get away without paying tax on the millions they earn? Err no.

Anyway, R&B star R Kelly reportedly owes $4.8 million in back taxes.

According to documents filed by the Internal Revenue Service, the singer, who is to release his eleventh studio album this month, is said to have not paid anything on his earnings from 2005.

Despite the huge bill, the 45-year-old the matter can be resolved.

His spokesman told gossip website "R. Kelly is in the process of working everything out with the government and is confident that all his obligations will be satisfied."

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