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Ellen Page Receives Death Threats from Twitter Follower

By omar akoo | 0 Comments | Monday, August 6, 2012 | , ,

Ellen-Page-Receives Death-Threats-from-Twitter-Follower

Though overzealous fan behavior is all part of being a celebrity, one follower of Ellen Page took things to a scary level.

The "Juno" actress says she has been sent several death threats via Twitter and has asked police to find the identity of the individual.

Tweets such as, "I’m going to murder Ellen Page. She’s dead,” and “I will K-1-L-L you in public in the next year… Be it in a club, at a game, in a restaurant, or when you’re signing autographs” came from two Twitter accounts, though police believe the same person is behind both.

The Twitter threats came around the same time that L.A. Film Festival organizers (where the 25-year-old actress's movie To Rome With Love" premiered) received a call from someone threatening to attend the event and kill Page, according to TMZ.

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