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‘Teen Mom’ in Tiny Bikini (photos)

By omar akoo | 0 Comments | Wednesday, April 6, 2011 | ,


Jenelle Evans is making a splash ... and it's got nothing to do with the hot water the 'Teen Mom 2' star has recently been in.

Just days after being arrested for assault, Evans was all smiles as she strolled solo along the beach in Oak Island, NC. In a skimpy white bikini, the 19-year-old revealed tattoos on her hip, shoulder and back.

Following the online leak of the fight video that led to her arrest, Evans claimed Brittany Maggard, who can be seen pushing Evans into the fight with alleged victim Britany Truett, sold video of the scuffle to the media for $45,000.

Evans' son, Jace, is currently in temporary custody with her mother, Barbara. Last night's 'Teen Mom 2 Finale Special' proved that Jenelle's relationship with her mother remains strained.

"Is she lovable?" host Dr. Drew asked.

"No," Barbara said.

"She's not lovable. That's pretty heavy," Dr. Drew said. "What does she need to do to be lovable?

"She needs to be a kinder person," Barbara said. "Everything is just about Jenelle."

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